Quality custom poured soy wax candles, melts,
room diffusers, gemstones and other accessories.

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 Visit our 'shop' in Mount Clear, by appointment.
Tel 0400 038833 to set up mutual time.



Custom made natural soy container & pillar candles... plus more!


You decide:

·       the scent/fragrance (see our fragrance list)

·       the colour (or variance of below)





wedgewood blue

misty green


mocha / brown



·       number of wicks

·       the container

(or provide/recycle your own strong glass, ceramic or china container)


Approximately two week turn around from order.

Email us: info@tutelary.com.au      Tel: 0400 038833

Natural wax products poured by hand in Mount Clear, Victoria


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Contact Us


0400 0388 33

About Tutelary's owner:

Andrea is passionate about natural products and helping our environment.

She has shared a love of candles and gemstones with her friends and family for many years.

Andrea began to make natural wax candles for herself, family and friends.  She found that she loved to work with soy, and thus founded Tutelary, which means 'higher deity' or 'guardian angel'. 

Tutelary offers a recycling service (wash your candle containers with hot soapy water, and bring them in to be refilled to your custom scent and colour) at $5 per 100mls of poured wax. Some customers have provided unusual containers with a challenge to place a candle or pillar into them! Very exciting! Great for you, great for the environment!

Recently, Andrea has begun to incorporate gemstones into her candles and accessories. Tutelary also has a business name of "Gemstone Candles". She particularly loves to show off her amethyst, rose quartz, clear quartz and smoky quartz collection. She also has a limited quantity of topaz polished stones, gem trees and tealight holders.

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